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    • Hello, welcome to Zhoushan Hanshida Shipping Engineering Co., LTD!
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    About us
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           ZHOUSHAN HANSHIDA SHIP ENGINEERING CO., LTD. is a ship supporting enterprise invested and operated by Yichang Xincheng anti-corrosion Installation Service Co., Ltd. in 2007. The company is located in Shenjiamen, Zhoushan City, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The new office building and workshop in Xingang Industrial Development Zone will be put into operation, covering an area of more than 12000 square meters and a construction area of about 6000 square meters. The head office is located in the 4th Jianshe Road, Xiba, Yichang, Hubei Province. The company is mainly engaged in the ventilation, interior decoration, insulation and thermal insulation engineering of various export ships, including the manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation system components of the whole ship, the supply and installation of the decoration engineering of the whole ship's residential area, the installation of engine room piping, and the thermal insulation and wrapping engineering of the exhaust pipe, hot water and fuel oil pipe system in the engine room. In addition, we can also design and construct individual special anti-corrosion and insulation projects according to customer requirements. The company has more than 500 employees, including 5 senior engineers and 57 technicians.

           From the initial stage of the company to now, our company has been growing at a growth rate of about 35% every year. At present, our partners are all over the Yangtze River Basin and many southeast coastal cities. Our company has long-term business relations with the following group companies: Yichang shipyard and Qingshan shipyard of China Changjiang Shipping Group; Yichang Damen Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yangfan group; Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; Changshi group. Jinhai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. With our superb technology, serious and responsible service attitude, we have won the unanimous praise of every partner.
    Our philosophy:

          Our growing power comes from the customer satisfaction smile!

    Our objectives and tasks:
           We know clearly that our competitors are not competitors of the same industry, but ourselves. Only by surpassing ourselves can we win the future!
           Pay 120% of our efforts, in exchange for your 100% satisfaction!

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    • Contact person: ms ning (office director)
    • tel: 86-0580-3069989
    • website: http://www.asher88.com
    • Copyright 2011
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